Rock that body!

Hello dear carbivores!

Our new t-shirts are fresh off the press. Find them here or at our store in Jack London Square!

Locally printed on Next Level 6010 (men) and Next Level 6710 (women) shirts (tri-blend, vintage black), they are extremely soft, comfortable, great recovery and stretch.

Thank you Happenstance & The Lords of Print!

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    • Spiral = lilies (7-8 minutes) or ringlets (9-10 minutes). Taste while it boils though….it really all depends on how much water you start with and the texture you’re looking for. The times I mentioned are for a good “al dente”. If you like it softer, add 1-2 minutes of cooking. We suggest 1-2 gallons of generally salted water per lb. Pasta needs space to move while boiling. Hope this helps.

  1. Hi,
    Do you ship these wonderful tee shirts? A member of a cycling tour here on the East Coast (Marin Co resident) was wearing one and being a huge pasta lover I would love to own one.
    John (Baltimore, Maryland)

    • Hi John! I’m not sure if you got a reply to your message: I believe our system might have funneled all our replies for a while.
      Sadly we don’t and ran out of them but we’re thinking of making a re-run soon. We’ll definitely be in touch if we do ^_^ Thank you!

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