Our retail shop – everything pasta and more…

Our store is located right in front of our production facility in Jack London Square, Oakland. Expect shelves fully stocked with our pastas, our olive oil and local, artisan pantry items, mmostly made by like-minded artisans and friends: sauces, spice blends, salts, beans, flours, lentils, pickles, canned tomatoes and more!
We keep adding things and sometimes they're so small-batch that do not last more than a few weeks.
The sweet smell of pasta often wafts from our production space into our retail shop - our customers certainly don't complain! 

If you are coming by while we are making pasta, we can also give you a quick tour of our production facility and our manufacturing process.

For visits to our facility of groups larger than 5, please send us an email at info@baiapasta.com at least a week in advance.

Come and meet us:

Jack London Square,
431 Water St,
Oakland, CA 94607

Tuesday to Friday - 11am to 6pm

Sunday - 9:30am to 4pm

Call us:

(510) 336-6044 

Wholesale questions: