Our packaging

Conceived locally by our friends Alex and Becca (and their dog Bruno) of Zipfly, our packaging embodies Baia Pasta 100%. Loaded with color, with a playful austerity and very design-oriented.

Here’s what Zipfly writes about us:

The day that we met the Italians behind Oakland’s Baia Pasta, we were hooked. Who can resist artisan-made pasta, made in the Italian tradition, using the finest American wheat? Our collaboration has been comprehensive, ranging from branding and packaging design to copywriting and brand strategy. We couldn’t be more proud of the final product and it’s been exciting to see the great feedback.

And yes, that feedback came straight from Bon Appetit (by Meryl Rothstein):

Baia Pasta’s New Packaging Is Damn Cool

It is also printed locally, by Everett Graphics, with vegetable-based ingredients and on recycled paper with very little or no newspaper involved in the mash. Have a look at their production lines.