Our KivaZip is 100% funded

Thank y’all!!!

EMOAT17QNot only we went public in a few days (a certain amount of lenders from our private network were necessary to reach this step) but we have reached full funding in around 10 days, with 34 days to go… That was AMAZING!
We definitely get your excitement, we want this lupin beans pasta on the shelves ASAP as well.

Both Chip and Robert are absolutely excited to begin the production and we’re just waiting the final step of the GF certification. By the way, it’s time to share a few info about this pasta, shall we?
We’ll post here and on the Kiva website regular updates etc etc, so you can follow the production more closely.

There have been several attempts on our side to make a real gluten free pasta here in Oakland but we really never met the strict standards of the GF certification. That said, when we started production in Los Angeles we were absolutely pleased with taste, texture and overall mouthfeel. Nevertheless, that pasta tested at 40ppm of glutenin and gliadin, outside of the allowed range for celiacs. After working on our sourcing and adjusting the recipe for potential contaminants we finally got the exciting news that gluten was well below 5ppm (BLQ). YES!

We’re now testing some packaging and as soon as we have a green light for the GF certification we’ll finalize the label.

See you soon in your plate!


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