“Hiro” dreams of pasta

Yesterday we received the most flattering email ever. Unexpected as well.

We have been using Woocommerce for our online shop since we launched it last year and it’s been a breeze. We believe it to be a phenomenally flexible platform, scalable and simple to configure. Did I mention it’s free too? Way to help small business!

Now, what we didn’t expect is for them to recognize us as meaningful example for their toolkit.

But they went the extra mile! And shared the love…

Hiro is the name of the Woothemes Ninja mascot.

Here’s what they wrote about us in their newsletter:

Last night my girlfriend and I watched a documentary called Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

It’s an incredible story of an 85 year old sushi chef who has dedicated his life to perfecting his craft.

I highly recommend checking it out (it’s on Netflix).

It got me thinking about the love and passion that some people put into their work.

Instead of finding the fastest and cheapest way to get the job done…

…they use only the best ingredients and techniques to create the highest quality product.

Which is why I loved seeing this response to our recent MyStile survey:

“We craft artisanal pastas from all-organic US grains. We are based in Oakland, CA and believe that reputation of good grains should be restored. Pasta is a natural vehicle, especially for two Italians. We complement the quality of the grains we source by crafting pasta with old-fashioned techniques such as brass-extrusion and slow drying at low temperatures.” – Baia Pasta

I’ve read that quote at least 10 times…

You can feel the passion that goes into their pasta.

Just like Jiro, they refuse to use anything but the best.

Which is why we’re so flattered by the ingredients they chose to build their ecommerce store.

By using WooCommerce and a handful of WooCommerce Extensions such as FedEx Shipping, Subscriptions, and Print Invoices they’ve built the perfect platform to share their craft with the world.

So do yourself a favor and check out Baia Pasta.

It’s a great example of a WooCommerce store and a wonderful product as well.


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