Is pasta sous-vide friendly?

The basics of sous-vide boil down to a few rules: vacuum your food, use temperatures lower than usual cooking methods, wait.
Nothing more difficult than using a pressure cooker (the other side of the medal).
However, this technique was revamped during a “molecular gastronomy” revolution and so it still might seem distant from an everyday use.
A vacuum apparatus is definitely required for best results, but the key to a great sous-vide is to maintain a steady temperature over time and that’s challenging to achieve without the proper equipment. Luckily there are now many affordable immersion circulators that won’t empty your wallet and will guarantee pro-results.
Just look at the Nomiku, it’s packed with that “rocket science” mysterious glamour that can’t be described and it works like a champ.

Pasta and vacuum might seem a topic for astronauts’ diets but there is plenty of room for experimenting with our favorite old ingredient. Indeed, tinkering with pasta and finding unexpected ways of “cooking” it is actually a thing (Ideas in Food + Food Lab).

No spoilers but, hey, you might not even need to boil water. If you stabilize the starches there is potential to cook and infuse pasta with a great deal of sauces and flavors…

Of course you can play with your sauce too! Heston Blumenthal loves to infuse his fresh tomato puree with their own stem, to impart that great tomato essence that we all love but lose while cooking a sauce. This is a great technique if you plan to season your pasta with a fresh sauce (vines shouldn’t be cooked – they’re kinda toxic and bitter).

You can confit tomatoes with basil or, if you have 10 hours, you can even try to slooooooooow cook your sauce.

Need a perfect runny yolk on your carbonara? Here you go.

Perfect beef cheeks to complement our earthy whole spelt cuts? Piece of cake (almost….)

Leave your comments below, we’d love to know about your experiments!


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  1. I received a PolyScience Sous Vide circulator-type for Christmas and needing some guidance what I can make with it in an hour or less. Making it practical on weeknights while working full-time is my current challenge. Shopping ahead of time and not the same night after work is essential (…my first discovery!) Thank you for the information you are publishing here- I hope to use it quite a bit.

    • Hi! For long times you can think of leaving your house in the morning with your favorite meat or veg having a sauna in the circulator all day. Or, if it’s programmable, cook your sauce while you drive home (like this pumpkin sauce for pasta).
      For shorter times, possibilities are endless. Nomiku has so many recipes.
      I’m a fan of slow-cooked eggs or yolks (in oil) to dress carbonara dishes…
      Have fun!

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