Gluten Free artisanal pasta is here!

WE MADE IT! Gluten-free artisanal pasta, made with all-Californian white lupin beans and rice.

Ever since we started Baia Pasta, crafting exceptional pasta with old-fashioned techniques and the best grains has been our priority. However, we have not been able to share our work with friends who cannot tolerate gluten or are simply aiming towards a gluten-conscious diet.

We changed that.

Brass extruded, and dried for over two days, these penne are 100% good for celiacs (GF-certified) and nutrient dense: lupins are one of the highest source of plant protein available – roughly 4 times higher than whole grain wheat! The pasta has a wonderful โ€œal denteโ€ texture and a delicious flavor, reminiscent of olive oil, with a slight bitterness typically associated with whole grains.

This stuff is good! period. The gluten-free part is an extra kicker.

Help us kickstart the production of this tasty gluten-free Baia Pasta. Through Kiva we are crowdsourcing $10,000 to complete the inaugural batch.

Follow the link here:


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