“Hiro” dreams of pasta

Yesterday we received the most flattering email ever. Unexpected as well. We have been using Woocommerce for our online shop since we launched it last year and it’s been a breeze. We believe it to be a phenomenally flexible platform, scalable and simple to configure. Did I mention it’s free too? Way to help small […]

The taste of “good” pasta

Possibly the best interview we’ve ever had. After the most delightful conversation, Meaghin Kennedy distilled the essence of Baia Pasta and our personalities in an article. If you want to know who we are, look no further, this is the perfect read (and an eye candy too). ^_^

“La Stampa” on Baia Pasta

Today one of the largest Italian newspapers, La Stampa, has mentioned us in an article depicting the status of the pasta industry in Italy. Pasta exports have boomed while consumption in Italy has been slightly on the decline. No worries, we still each eat 25Kg instead of 28Kg. That’s a whopping 50lbs per year per capita….. hint: […]

“WHOLE PASTA” by Niki ford

In her forthcoming book, WHOLE PASTA: New and Innovative Recipes for Age-Old Grains, Niki Ford teaches home cooks, as well as culinary professionals, exciting and creative ways to make fresh and dried pasta from complexly flavorful whole grain flours. For example, tangy corn and rye pappardelle elevate and compliment an unctuous duck ragu and deliciously nutty Kamut […]

Oakland: New Urban Eating

Our friend Andrew Ellis is about ready to ship his book about Oakland’s food scene to the printers. We are involved as well, together with all the great people who make Oakland such a diverse and vibrant culinary destination. Interviews and perspectives on “what will Oakland look in 10 years?”. The book is a collection […]

We’re featured in Via magazine

Via Magazine: Oakland’s downtown waterfront neighborhood started as a port and has been a bustling hub ever since. Today, stocky, certified-historic warehouses with art deco brick facades rub shoulders with shiny new restaurants and developments—including Plank, a 34,000-square-foot building and a 15,000 square-foot beer garden scheduled to open in the fall that will include bocce courts […]