Artisanal LA recap

It's been a blast in SoCal for us. Thank you Artisanal LA for being such a fun event, loaded with cool foodies and tons of style. Thank you Shelley!

Also, thanks to our booth neighbors Awesome Bars, Eden's Savory Sap, Taart Pan, Chris Earl, Bloom, Grist & Toll, Press Brothers and Fancy Boyz for making this two day event even better. Chris, that bourbon treat was, well, perfect.

Los Angeles has welcomed us with great enthusiasm and great food. A few mentions; just because.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 11.41.51 AMA restaurant that made the difference is Pupuseria La Flor Blanca. They have this delicate and phenomenal tamal de gallina that we would eat every day from now on (left).

Father's office was another highlight; we smelled fabulous grilled meats from a block away and literally checked every backyard to gatecrash someone's party, only to realize it was coming from their kitchen. Sold! And special mention goes to their avocado, white anchovies and capers crostini. Sooo good!

We also stopped at the new Belcampo Pop-up in Santa Monica for their famous burger (and we also met Sang Yoon there, ah!).

Last but not the least, Terroni, whose pizzas are, well, delicious. We left LA with a sense of accomplishment and greatly energized. Thank you LA! Looking forward to being back soon!

Oh, and we never got stuck in traffic. Magic.

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