10 Hella Local Food Gifts

aaww, lookey! We’re featured in Oakland Local’s Holiday Foodie gift guide.

Kudos to all the awesome producers, artisans and hard-working people that make Oakland a foodie reality.

Go team!

Want to thank someone for their hospitality? Replenish their pantry. Baia Pasta in Jack London Square has artisanal, brass-extruded pasta in all kinds of wonderful shapes, including ringlets, spinners and mohawks ($8+). There’s pasta made from wheat, spelt, and kamut, as well as a variety of fun and one-of-a-kind flavored pastas, like chipotle, tomato basil, and pumpkin and rosemary. Add a jar of pasta sauce (also available at Baia), and you’ve prepped a very simple dinner. Baia’s branded shopping bags are perfectly sized for your gift. If you like, tuck a wedge of grating cheese in the bag, too.



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