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Today one of the largest Italian newspapers, La Stampa, has mentioned us in an article depicting the status of the pasta industry in Italy.

Pasta exports have boomed while consumption in Italy has been slightly on the decline. No worries, we still each eat 25Kg instead of 28Kg. That’s a whopping 50lbs per year per capita…..
hint: that’s our secret for long lasting beauty. 🙂

Renato, in the article, talks about our desire to switch from theory to practice.
Baia Pasta selects the best flours and transforms them into an honorable ingredient, crafted with great care and artisan techniques. A simple idea, that began as a hobby for us, and transformed into a concrete business. It goes beyond making pasta, it’s about restoring wheat personality, one noodle at a time. Eventually we’ll have our own mill and we’ll be able to trace each box from the field to the table.

The journey continues…

Much love and noodles y’all!

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