Baia Pasta Q&A by Menu Stories

We met with the lovely Rebecca, Patrick and Siska of Menu Stories for a lovely chat about Baia Pasta and what we think about the food system and the role of artisans in today’s market. Read more about the lovely trio behind Menu Stories here and feed your brain with the podcast sessions, loaded with […]

Batch #1000

We just finished our batch#1000, which means we fed you 300,000 lbs of pasta in 3 years !!! We’re so so proud of your appetite for quality. THANK YOU! Look at our paccheri celebrating and dancing on the vibrating hopper of our packaging machine!   1 2 3

Go Starlettes!

So so proud of the Starlettes! We met them in San Diego a while ago and we’ve been smitten since then. We even took a field trip to Sacramento to see them battle on the track (we also admit we understood little about the rules but we’ll do better next time with some help from wikipedia). […]

Our KivaZip is 100% funded

Thank y’all!!! Not only we went public in a few days (a certain amount of lenders from our private network were necessary to reach this step) but we have reached full funding in around 10 days, with 34 days to go… That was AMAZING! We definitely get your excitement, we want this lupin beans pasta on the shelves ASAP […]

Gluten Free artisanal pasta is here!

WE MADE IT! Gluten-free artisanal pasta, made with all-Californian white lupin beans and rice. Ever since we started Baia Pasta, crafting exceptional pasta with old-fashioned techniques and the best grains has been our priority. However, we have not been able to share our work with friends who cannot tolerate gluten or are simply aiming towards […]

“Hiro” dreams of pasta

Yesterday we received the most flattering email ever. Unexpected as well. We have been using Woocommerce for our online shop since we launched it last year and it’s been a breeze. We believe it to be a phenomenally flexible platform, scalable and simple to configure. Did I mention it’s free too? Way to help small […]

The taste of “good” pasta

Possibly the best interview we’ve ever had. After the most delightful conversation, Meaghin Kennedy distilled the essence of Baia Pasta and our personalities in an article. If you want to know who we are, look no further, this is the perfect read (and an eye candy too). ^_^

Farewell, California Avenue Farmers’ Market

Come visit Renato on Sunday, November 9th from 9a to 1p for our farewell attendance at the California Avenue Farmers’ Market in Palo Alto. We really enjoyed being at this market and have met so many wonderful people interested in our artisan pasta. As a thank you to our loyal customers, we’ll be selling all […]

“La Stampa” on Baia Pasta

Today one of the largest Italian newspapers, La Stampa, has mentioned us in an article depicting the status of the pasta industry in Italy. Pasta exports have boomed while consumption in Italy has been slightly on the decline. No worries, we still each eat 25Kg instead of 28Kg. That’s a whopping 50lbs per year per capita….. hint: […]